• Liubing

    Liubing Xie

    Mail icon City and Regional Planning Comparative urban studies, urban history, urban ethnography, peripheral urbanization, urban governance, China, India
  • Justin Greene

    Justin Greene

    Mail icon Anthropology Noise, poetry and poetics, urban infrastructures, affect, discourses of health and hygiene, citizenship, Brazil
  • Matamoros

    Pol Fité Matamoros

    Mail icon Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning Critical Urban Theory, Geographical Political Economy, Industrial Restructuring, Authoritarian Regimes, History of Landscape and Urban Form
  • Catherine Park

    Catherine Park

    Mail icon Education Global education, cultural politics of education, migration, displacement, urbanization, urban ethnography, China, East Asia
  • Ángel Ross

    Ángel Ross

    Mail icon Sociology Suburban and exurban poverty, housing, renters, local governance and policing
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