• Cover of The Architecture of the Bight of Biafra

    Joseph Godlewski’s new book “The Architecture of the Bight of Biafra: Spatial Entanglements”

    The Architecture of the Bight of Biafra: Spatial Entanglements (Routledge, 2024) examines the intersection of race and the built environment in what is now known as southeastern Nigeria.

  • Sur Urbano in top 5% most-shared podcasts on Spotify!

    Sur Urbano, the podcast created by the GMS Latin American Cities student group and hosted by GMS and DCRP student Isabel Peñaranda Currie, had incredible reach on streaming platform Spotify this year. The podcast was in the top 5% most shared podcasts on Spotify, in the top 10% most followed podcasts, heard in 39 countries, and […]

  • book cover

    GMS Alumnus Zachary Levenson’s Book is Available Now! – Cloned

    Check out Zachary Levenson’s new book Delivery as Dispossession: Land Occupation and Eviction in the Postapartheid City  available now from Oxford University Press. Levenson’s comparative ethnography is based upon a decade of participant observation fieldwork at two land occupations in Cape Town. The book proposes a relational theory of the state that will appeal to scholars who work […]

  • stephen and kenishi

    GMS Faculty Affiliates Stephen Collier and Kenishi Soga (with Louise Comfort) Awarded NSF S&CC Grant

      Congratulations to GMS Faculty Affiliates Stephen Collier and Kenichi Soga who have been awarded a National Science Foundation Grant for Smart & Connected Communities with Professor Emerita Louise Comfort.     Project Abstract The exponential increase in extreme events over the last decade compels new methods of managing risk in communities exposed to recurring natural hazards. […]

  • photo of alison

    Alison Post Awarded an Edward Teller National Fellowship by the Hoover Institution

    Former GMS Co-Director Alison Post has been awarded an Edward Teller National Fellowship by the Hoover Institution’s Glenn Campbell and Rita Ricardo-Campbell National Fellows Program. The program allows outstanding scholars from colleges, universities, and institutions around the world to be freed from academic and professional responsibilities to devote one year to unrestricted, creative research and publication. National Fellows Program […]

  • Shanghai

    New Faculty Affiliate Book Talk Series

    We would like to announce a new book talk series going forward for GMS Faculty Affiliates who are in book disciplines. GMS will be hosting interdisciplinary book talks for faculty affiliates soon after books on urban issues are released. Interested faculty members should contact one of the GMS Co-Directors as your book’s release approaches. We […]

  • Sur-Urbano

    New Podcast Series: Sur-Urbano

    The Latin American Cities student group has launched a new podcast series, “Sur-Urbano,” where members talk to leading scholars on Latin American cities about their work, the cities they love and how to make them better. Sur-Urbano is available on both Spotify and Apple Podcasts.  

  • Soga

    Soga wins 2022 Bakar Prize

    GMS Faculty Affiliate Kenichi Soga has won the Bakar Fellows Program 2022 Bakar Prize. The prize is awarded to faculty to provide resources to help apply the technological solutions they have developed in their research to critical problems facing the world today. For the full announcement, see here.

  • Fields

    Fields’ editorial published in the Washington Post

    GMS Core Faculty member Desiree Fields recently published an editorial in the Washington Post. In the piece, she discusses the implications of increasing corporate involvement in the housing sector. The full text is available here.

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