• Police Sign

    Surveilling the Suburbs: Racial Inequality and the Rise of Big Data Policing in Suburbia

    Ángel Ross
    PhD Student

  • Agua Potable

    Precarity & Publics: Making and Unmaking Resilience in Mexico City

    Beki McElvain
    PhD Candidate
    City and Regional Planning

  • Chris Chan Research

    Reclaiming Culture: Infrastructure, Islands, and Art in the Shadow of Contemporary China

    Chris Chan
    PhD Candidate

  • Archival collage

    Landscapes of Industrialization: The ‘long 1970s’ under the Spanish authoritarian regime

    Pol Fité Matamoros
    PhD Student
    Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning

  • Jitney-lite

    Jitney-lite: low-cost, flexible-route feeder transit without communication devices

    Tawit Boom Sangveraphunsiri
    PhD Candidate
    Civil and Environmental Engineering

  • Laundry

    Lands, Camps, and the Remains: A Spatial History of Refugees in Jordan (1878–2011)

    Heba Alnajada
    PhD Candidate

  • Lyon riverfront

    A Water-Systems Approach to Understanding Rivers and Urban Form

    G. Mathias Kondolf
    Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning
    Charisma Acey
    Associate Professor
    City and Regional Planning

  • Wingfield Park on the Truckee River in downtown Reno, Nevada.  Formerly a derelict site, this reach of river was transformed into a popular recreational area, serving a wide demographic.  (photo by Matt Kondolf)

    Re-Naturalizing Urban Waterways: Social and Biophysical Implications

    Matt Kondolf
    Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning

  • Project diagram

    Smart Pandemic Management in Cities

    Joan Walker
    Global Metropolitan Studies and Civil Engineering

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