GMS DE Students publish new articles in peer-reviewed journals

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During the 2018-2019 academic year, students from the Designated Emphasis in Global Metropolitan Studies published multiple articles in peer-reviewed journals. The list showcases the diversity of exciting research published by GMS DE students.




Faisal bin Ayyaf Almogren (City & Regional Planning): Almogren, Faisal bin Ayyaf. 2018. “Reprioritizing the Human Factor in Building Gulf Cities.” International Journal of Middle East Studies 50 (3): 568–572.

Chris Herring (Sociology): Herring, Chris, Dilara Yarbrough, and Lisa Marie Alatorre. 2019. “Pervasive Penality: How the Criminalization of Poverty Perpetuates Homelessness.” Social Problems Online 29 March 2019.

Bridget Martin (Geography): Martin, Bridget. 2018. “From Camp Town to International City: US Military Base Expansion and Local Development in Pyeongtaek, South Korea.” International Journal of Urban and Regional Research (IJURR) 42 (6): 967–985.

Giselle Mendonça Abreu (City & Regional Planning): Mendonça Abreu, Giselle Kristina. 2018. “Invisible production spaces in metropolitan areas: Uncovering micro-urban manufacturing in the case of São Paulo, Brazil.” Cadernos Metrópole 20 (43): 743–767.

J. Christopher Mizes (City & Regional Planning): Mizes, James Christopher, and & Liza Rose Cirolia. 2018. “Contournements: Fiscalité et Exceptions Informelles dans les Villes de M’Bour et de Kisumu.” Politique Africaine 3 (151): 17–37. 

Matt Wade (City & Regional Planning): Wade, Matt. 2018. “Hyper-Planning Jakarta: The Great Garuda and Planning the Global Spectacle.” Singapore Journal of Tropical Geography 40 (1): 158–72.

Alex Werth (Geography): McElroy, Erin and Alex Werth. 2019. “Deracinated Dispossessions: On the Foreclosures of ‘Gentrification’ in Oakland, CA.” Antipode 51 (3): 878–898.

Photo by Bridget Martin
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