GMS announces 2019 Summer Research Funding Awards for DE students

Photo: Shynar Jetpissova / World Bank

We are excited to announce that GMS is offering summer research funding to 9 GMS pre-dissertation graduate students. The recipients of this year’s summer funding are: 

  • Alli Appelbaum, City and Regional Planning, A comparative exploration of the security guarding industry and urban governance: Johannesburg, Delhi and Mumbai
  • Celina Balderas Guzman, Landscape Architecture & Environmental Planning, Planning for the Future of California Salt Marshes
  • Priscila Coli Rocha, City and Regional Planning, The rise of new political actors in Brazilian peripheries: The effects on space, politics, and planning
  • Savannah Cox, City and Regional Planning, Assembling Urban Resilience in Miami
  • Beki McElvain, City and Regional Planning, Understanding social vulnerability and risk in the context of water infrastructure and earthquake hazards in México City
  • Millard McElwee, Civil & Environmental Engineering, Using Neighborhood Demographics and Organizational Analysis to Supplement Agent Based Models for Traffic In New Orleans, LA
  • Giselle Mendonça Abreu, City and Regional Planning, “Urbanizing” the hinterland: agriculture-led urbanization and participatory planning in the Brazilian Midwest
  • Madeleine Parker, City and Regional Planning, A study of ridehailing programs for passengers with disabilities in Boston and NYC
  • Francisco Trejo Morales, Anthropology, “Splintered” Urbanisms and Fragmented Politics: A Study of Affordable Housing in Mexico’s City Metropolitan Area
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