2020 GMS Research Awards

Lake Merritt

We are pleased to announce the winners of the 2020 GMS research awards. This competitive award is for up to $5000 in research funding for students in the designated emphasis. Congratulations to the winners!

  • Gustavo Capela (Anthropology), Informal organizing: An ethnographic inquiry into the construction of Eko Atlantic City in Lagos, Nigeria
  • Irene Farah Rivadeneyra (City & Regional Planning), The Impacts of the Food Environment in Mexico
  • Pol Fité Matamoros (Landscape Architecture & Environmental Planning), Landscapes of Industrialization: The “Long 1970s” under the Spanish Authoritarian Regime
  • Catherine Park (Education), (Re)making the global: Education in global(izing) cities of China
  • Tawit Boom Sangveraphunsiri (Civil & Environmental Engineering), Strategies for informal, low-cost, flexible feeder service without high-tech assistance
  • Ettore Santi (Architecture), Designing the Land Revolution: The Corporate Reinvention of China’s Rural Environment
  • Liubing Xie (City & Regional Planning), Beyond Homeownership: Renting in the Urban Peripheries in China and India
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