• Daniel Aldana Cohen


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    climate emergency; political economy; eco-apartheid; inequalities of race and class; urban studies; political sociology

  • Larissa Renteria


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  • Sofia Vargas


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  • Hannia Jauregui photo

    Hannia Jauregui 


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  • Eva Seto

    GMS Administrator and Graduate Student Adviser (GSAO for DE)

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    Eva Seto is the Administrator of GMS and the Graduate Student Advisor for the GMS Designated Emphasis Program as well as Associate Director of the Social Science Matrix and Associate Director of the Berkeley Economy and Society Initiative. Her education and many years of experience working in research institutes on the UC Berkeley campus provide Matrix with knowledge about the social-science landscape on campus, as well as the management skills to help successfully administer the programs, centers, and projects of Matrix. Eva earned her M.A. and B.A in Economics from UC Berkeley.

  • Yeh

    Wen-hsin Yeh


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    Asian history, East Asian studies, Qing and Modern China, Shanghai

  • Wong

    Winnie Wong


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    Labor and creativity, modern and contemporary art, intellectual property, China, consumer cultures, Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Shenzhen

  • Wolch

    Jennifer Wolch

    City and Regional Planning

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    Sustainable urbanism, urban design and public health, homeless and human service delivery, animal-society relations

  • Walker

    Richard Walker


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    Human geography, political economy, global capitalism

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